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The Blogging Dead : Episode 8 : Made To Suffer (aired Dec 2, 2012)

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Plot : Rick and the group infiltrate the heavily fortified Woodbury to rescue Glen & Maggie before they get executed by the Governor’s men. Meanwhile back at the prison camp, a small group of survivors sneak in the prison for sanctuary from the outside walkers. Flesh eating ensues & stabbings ensues.     

This is the exciting & eventful mid season finale of the Walking Dead and the show won’t return until February. Yeah it’ll be a long wait, but at least it won’t be as long as Breaking Bad’s return, another awesome AMC show that you should be watching…bitch. Lots of things happened this week, as a much beloved character from the comics makes his first appearance. Of course I’m talking about the mighty Tyreese, in the comics Tyreese is a good man and an even better walker slayer. He’s also an asset to the group and a pillar of strength to the main group as well. I think that adding himself and his friends to the group will strengthened the group and have safety in numbers, it’s a big prison after all.


Some lighter moments and some downright creepy moments arise, when Carol tells Axel, who generalizes women with short hair as lesbians to stay away from Beth. Not all the prisoners were murderers & bank robbers, some of them were rapists/child molesters too and it doesn’t take an analyst to figure out this guy’s a rapist or pedophile. My memory’s a bit fuzzy from the comics, but was Axel a rapist/pedophile? If anybody can confirm that, i’d appreciate it, I’m too lazy to go check my old TPBs. Nice to see Carl as the man of the house, as he keeps the new group at bay. You gotta earn their trust newbies! 


Lots of gunplay as the streets of Woodbury turns into a scene from Heat with bullets flying and smoke grenades being tossed. I love how Glen makes weapons out of a walker’s arm bone, he doesn’t even twitch, he just does it. Rick’s group rescues Glen & Maggie, but not without unintentionally leaving Daryl behind and what’s his name ex con gets a shotgun blast in the chest. The showdown between Michonne & the Governor is truly the highlight of this episode. It’s a brutal, no holds barred fight filled with spilling walker heads from aquariums (watch out they bite), the Gov’s walker daughter gets a much deserved mercy killing & the Gov gets a shard of glass stabbed in his eye for being an evil bastard and an asshole.

So that’s all for this week my fellows zombie freaks, have a Ghoulie Christmas, a Fleshy New Year and I’ll see you in February! Go Tyreese Go!


-Luc “Slow Moving Zombies Rules” St-Clair