Divinity III #3

by Jason Laframboise on February 27, 2017

Written by MATT KINDT
Published by Valiant Comics

This week I learned a few things. First thing is that Ninjak is probably the best Valiant character no matter what universe or alternate timeline he's in. Two Matt Kindt is the greatest comic book writer in the world! Okay maybe that's a little bit of hyperbole, but I loved this book. This third issue of the third chapter of the Divinity story follows the only people who can see through the illusion of the Stanlinverse, which has been created by one of the cosmonauts who were powered by an unknown force then returned to Earth, are Colin King aka Ninjak and Toyo Harada the psiot terrorist. Their plan to return the world to its true state is for Divinity-Abram Adams, to be exposed to the last vestige of our universe, the internet. To do so Ninjak has to fight one of his real world allies, Bloodshot. Are they successful? This issue almost answers that question

Matt Kindt continues this amazing story with this series. Divinity really is one of the best Sci Fi comics I've read. With each new mini series we get another layer of the story, and each time I think we've hit the peak of the story and everything has been revealed another question can be asked. At this point we still don't know what gave the Divinity cosmonauts their powers, and I doubt this will be answered. I love the alternate reality take on the existing Valiant characters, and you feel for Ninjak as he slowly loses hope that he will be able to return his world to it's proper place. While called Divinity this really is another Ninjak story, which makes sense since Matt Kindt is Ninjak's series writer. I look forward to the end of this one and to see what Kindt and Valiant does next with these characters. I do wonder if we will see any of the original characters specifically created for this series in the proper Valiant universe, as it would be a shame to have such unique character designs be one off characters.

Trevor Hairsine delivers another solid performance on the art in this issue. I love the energy that the fight panels convey. The action is dynamic and explosive, but also subtle. We get some violence, but other then one thing it's pretty low key. One thing worth mentioning is at the end of the book is a director's cut for a few pages, with Matt Kindt talking about some of the pages, I love stuff like this and wish more books included it.

Overall this was a great issue that is leading to what I assume will be an outstanding finale. The art hit all the right beats with me, and the story has so much depth on so many levels. If you see Matt Kindt on the title of a Valiant book, you are going to get your money's worth as all of his books have been great world building titles. Great Stuff!

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