Rachel Rising Vol. 1 : The Shadow Of Death (TPB)

by lucstclair on July 03, 2012

This is the terrifying story of a young woman named Rachel, who wakes up buried in the cold hard ground and slowly digs her way out. Exhausted and disoriented, she aimlessly walks the streets and eventually makes her way home. With the help of her mortician aunt Johnny, Rachel will come to realize the cold hard facts… she’s dead. Murdered a few days earlier, she seeks answers to the mystery of her own death. But death is truly part her now and she will unwillingly spread it one way or another to every poor soul she encounters.


The Pros

From the creative mind of Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise) comes a horror/murder mystery story that flips the zombie genre. With a razor sharp script and a moody tone, this is a chilling book you must not miss. Moore’s illustrations are first-rate, from panels depicting friendship to images of pure terror & malice. All ghoulishly displayed in black & white. But it’s the wonderful characters that truly drive this story and there’s also some truly creepy & despicable ones too. We got murderers, demented husbands, perverts & child molesters. Also the name of the town is called Manson. Nice touch.


The Cons

Couldn’t figure out Aunt Johnny’s gender and it frustrated the hell out of me. Could be a man with feminine features & attributes, could be a lesbian, but has a man’s name like Johnny? It’s a little confusing.


The Outcome

This was a real page turner. For horror fans with a taste for some mystery. Death waits for no man or woman and neither should you. Make sure you read this one. Written & illustrated by Terry Moore. From Abstract Studio.

Our Score:


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Solid review and writing here Luc!  I laughed, I cried, I'm going to check this one out!

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Thanks man!