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by Wombatapult on October 22, 2013

If you're going to be at #DetroitFanfare Comic Con this weekend, be sure to follow me (@Wombatapult) on Twitter and say hi during the convention for a Twitter shout-out and your photo uploaded with the #DetroitFanfare news! I'll be there all weekend covering all the action, and I'll post my whereabouts and what I'm wearing so it's easy to find me. Plus, be the first or second person in order to win REAL PRIZES that are totally not hugs and/or other immaterial acts of validation! Both prizes will include ACTUAL COMICS, candy, and some useless funny crap that'll make you giggle before you throw it away. Satisfaction guaranteed. Stay tuned for more details. Wombat out.



Like every year this year comic festival is coming soon and I’m very excited to participate and win the prizes. Last year I participated and we friends having lots of fun together and enjoy the great day. Thanks for the dissertation research help update and through this we able to win the prizes at Detroit Fanfare.