Legends of the dork knight issue #2

by Wes Greer on November 12, 2019


Legends of the Dork Knight Issue #2
November, 2019

  Hey there fellow Bat-fans.it has truly been an honor for me to be here on Comics the Gathering and having the opportunity to not only do reviews and columns, but to be able to reach out and interact with Bat-fans around the world. I have had so much fun this last month and I really appreciate everyone who checked out my first Column last month. As time goes on and the audience increases, this thing is going to continue to grow and grow and my main priority is making sure I share the things you guys want to see here and not bore you with stuff you already get sent to your email from other sites. I really want this column to be a fan driven one and I want to share stuff from you guys on here, not always stuff I find on my own.

Well November is here! Halloween is in the rear-view mirror and it seems Joker was the biggest costume out there! It’s no surprise with how big the movie has become. Joker has now become the most profitable comic book film ever and the highest grossing R rated film ever! I never would have guessed it would have become the monster success that it is, but it shows you how beloved the Clown Prince of Crime really is. So cool to see DC get a big win in the cinematic universe. Here are my favorite Joker costumes that were shared after Halloween!

Suggested Read for November

Batman White Knight
Written by Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth
Original Run 2017 - 2018
Available in Trade Paperback

So for November, I really wanted to pick a book that was something you could take your time and enjoy while the air is crisp and autumn is in full swing. I wanted it to be a good book you could sit on the porch with or sit inside and take a break with, and Batman White Knight was my personal selection for this month. White Knight really sets itself apart from other stories and runs, and I believe it is one of the best Joker stories ever written. It’s also a great time to re-read it or read it for the first time since DC is currently publishing the sequel, Batman Curse of the White Knight, which just saw book number four released. Curse of the White Knight has been an epic follow up story and if you haven’t read either, now is the time to start!

The Plot*
Batman: White Knight follows the man now known as Jack Napier as he embarks on a quest to heal the city he once terrorized. After reconciling with his long-suffering partner, Harley Quinn, he sets in motion a carefully plotted campaign to discredit the one person whom he views as Gotham City's true enemy: Batman.

His crusade exposes a decades-long history of corruption within the Gotham City Police Department and transforms Napier into a city councilman and civic hero. But when the sins of his past return to threaten everything that he has accomplished, the distinctions between savior and destroyer begin to break down for both The Joker and Batman alike--and with them any hope for Gotham's future.

Writer and artist Sean Murphy delivers an extraordinary examination of comics' greatest antagonists in Batman: White Knight, exploring justice, corruption, activism and the darkest depths of mental illness. Collecting the acclaimed eight-issue miniseries, this stunning graphic  novel also marks the debut of the DC Black Label imprint, which features classic standalone stories written and illustrated by world-class authors and artists.

Suggested Watch
Batman Hush
Released 2019
DC Universe Animated Film

So for this months suggested watch, I had to really think of something that fit into the current time of year. November is a great time to sit down and take a break before the Holidays or even sit and watch a good movie during Thanksgiving, Batman Hush fills that spot.
Hush is the newest release in the DC Universe animated series and it is loosely based on the original comic run written by Jeph Loeb with Jim Lee and is now the highly rated collected graphic novel. If you haven’t seen this film yet, you need to be prepared, because this film is only based on the original Hush series and is its own story. Many points of the story have been rewritten for the film, but DC and WB Animation did a great job of making it still feel as exciting as the original Hush story. So snuggle up and be prepared to be taken on a ride with new twists and turns.
The Plot
A mysterious villain uses Catwoman, Riddler, Ra's al Ghul and several of Batman's other enemies and allies in a game to create chaos in Batman's life..

Batman Collectors Spotlight
The Dark Knight Batman Diorama
Made by Diamond Select Toys
DC Gallery
Score – 10/10

So I have decided to change the format for collectors spotlight. Instead of focusing on upcoming products only, I am going to be doing reviews of actual products to share with you guys. I think this fits better into my column and gives you guys a first hand look at the products. I am also excited to announce that soon, Collectors Spotlight will become a video review format! We are working behind the scenes now to get it going and as soon as we know the date the first one will be released; I will post it here! I am very excited for this and hope you guys will all enjoy it as well!

The Review

So, for my first review, I decided to do The Dark Knight Batman Diorama from Diamond Select Toys, who I have reached out to and I am excited to partner with to bring you guys even more reviews of their products in the future! To begin with, this statue is beautiful!
I had seen complaints online about paint issues and it not looking as good as more expensive releases, but this diorama is flawless. The overall design of it is amazing. It is designed to replicate a scene in the Dark Knight Movie and DST has done an amazing job replicating that moment in this piece. Batman is standing in the rubble of one of the Jokers destroyed buildings and the detail they put into the column Batman is standing next to makes this piece top notch. The detail is right on, as well as having a piece of rebar sticking out. It is little details like that that put this piece above others. There are also joker cards all around Batman’s feet as well as having Batman holding one of them. The paint job on this piece is also just amazing. They really put a lot of detail into the paint work and it really shows in Batman’s suit and the details in his armor really make it pop. The design of his cape is probably my favorite part of this piece. They did a separate piece for the cape and they have it looking like it is flowing behind him. A lot of times, these pieces have a basic flat style cape and DST took the time and put a lot of design work into the cape. There are flow lines and bunches up sections and it really looks like a cape flowing in the wind. Overall, there is not one part of this piece I could find to complain about. Even the detail in his face and the paint work on his eyes are just top notch. It really looks like a cast of Christian Bale in the Batsuit. I even took a character photo from the movie and matched it up to DST’s design of his suit and every single piece was spot on. Even the little ribs above his abdomen are on this piece. The best thing about this piece is the price point. With an MSRP of only $45, you get way more then you paid for. This piece could easily rank up there with other brands that go for minimum $100. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of the films or are looking for a gift for your fellow Dark Knight lover. This diorama is available now and you can get it from most major retailers ,so order one now!

Latest Bat-News

DC Releases Batman Omnibus Vol 1 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

If you are a fan of Scott Snyder’s run of Batman in the New 52 like I am, then this is something you are going to want to pick up or put on your holiday gift list. Not only do you get the collected Vol 1 of the series, you get a lot more including art and cover designs and a behind the scenes look at what went into creating the series. It is all collected in this oversized hardcover beauty and is a must have for any Batman fan. I know it is going on my Christmas list at number 1, so honey if you’re reading this, better get shopping now!
Official Summary:
The best-selling Batman epic from the team that brought you DARK NIGHTS: METAL starts here! In this first of two omnibus collections, acclaimed storytellers Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo introduce the Caped Crusader to the Court of Owls, terrorize the whole Bat-Family with the Joker's faceless return in Death of the Family and retell Batman's origin for a new generation during the pivotal Zero Year! With inks by Jonathan Glapion and Danny Miki and guest appearances by James Tynion IV, Rafael Albuquerque, Becky Cloonan, Andy Kubert, Andy Clarke, Jason Fabok, Jock and more, this first volume collects BATMAN #0-33, #23.2 and BATMAN ANNUAL #1-2.

DC Collectibles to release Batman Prime Action Figure

Good. Better. Best. Dc Prime. From the team at DC Collectibles comes the premium-grade action figure line for DC characters. These 9" Highly poseable collectibles come with multiple pairs of hands and accessories, so fans can create their own ultimate renditions of their favorite characters. To help bring these figures to life, the team at DC Collectibles brought on concept designer Riccardo federici, as well as sculptor and figure designer wonil song, to breathe life into these extraordinary action figures. Dc Prime is a best-in-class action figure line designed to be the centerpiece of any collection, direct from the source. For the first release from the DC Prime Line, The team could think of No better hero than the dark Knight himself—batman. This massive 9" Collectible was carefully designed to be the ultimate Batman action figure. With over 23 different points of articulation, multiple pairs of hands, a wired fabric cape and three unique heads, there are thousands of unique dark Knight moments just waiting to be created. For those fans looking for the best-in-class Batman collectible action figure has arrived.
Features & details
From the team at DC Collectibles comes the premium-grade action figure line for DC characters
Highly poseable 9" Action figure
From concept designer Riccardo federici and sculptor and figure designer wonil song
A best-in-class action figure line designed to be the centerpiece of any collection, direct from the source
Over 23 different points of articulation, multiple pairs of hands, a wired fabric cape and three unique heads

DCEASED to be released this month in collected hardcover book


Six hundred million people. That's how many fall victim when a mysterious techno-organic virus is unleased on Earth. Six hundred million infected. Six hundred million turned into mindless, rampaging killers bend on death and destruction.
And that's just the beginning.

Cities. Nations. Undersea kingdoms and paradise islands. One by one, they fall to the monstrous hordes. Now only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League stand between Earth and utter annihilation...

But for how long?

Nothing they're ever faced has prepared them for an onslaught of this magnitude. Nothing they've ever seen can match the scale of the tragedy and terror that have been unleased. As heroes and villains, gods and monsters are wiped out, only one question remains:

What happens to the World's Greatest Heroes if the world ends?

New York Times bestselling writer Tom Taylor ( Injustice) joins artists Trevor Hairsine ( Red Hood and the Outlaws) and Stefano Gaudinao ( The Walking Dead) to unleash an all-new vision of the DC Universe's darkest hour in DCeased. But be warned the horror is contagious...

Collects DCeased #1-6 and DCeased: A Good Day to Die #1.

The Wrap Up

Well closing this out, I just want to wish everyone in the US a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope to have so much more content for you guys in next months column. If you guys have anything you want me to share please feel free to reach out and contact me. I would love to share more photos sent in from you guys. Send me photos of yourself in cosplay, pictures of your collections, artwork you have done yourself, and anything else you want to share with your fellow Bat-fans!
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Be sure to reach out and enjoy the rest of your November!

-Wes Greer