by spicytoilet on April 28, 2014

Parker gets bit by a spider. Parker gets bit by a spider. Parker gets bit by a spider. In Spider-man's origin, Parker always gets bit by some bloody radioactive spider.  Then the spider dies.  This origin has been retold and made modern a bunch of times.  Little things change here and there but a few things are constant.  


There’s always a radioactive spider. Sometimes where the spider originated from is made clear, sometimes it isn't.  Another constant is Parker.  He’s always there. With glasses on, without glasses on. Sometimes he’s being bullied, sometimes he isn’t. Then there’s the bite. Spider gets on Parker and bites. Sometimes on Parkers hand, once I think I saw the spider bite the back of Parkers neck. Then the spider dies or Parker squishes it. Doesn’t matter how but the spider meets its fate and it always dies.


So now Marvel pulled this amazing idea out of their asses while simultaneously punching my childhood in the face. The spider survived and bit someone else and then died. For now at least.....



So in comes Silk. Apparently, she was bit by that same radioactive spider after Parker. She has done absolutely nothing with her powers up until now. How else has she been able to keep out of trouble right? Yeah we have to ignore that and just assume she’s been doing her part as a villain or hero or as someone who just won't accept her powers for whatever reason. We know nothing about her. Her costume seems to have webbing all around it, though its possible the webs are being used to hide her costume.


I feel as if Spideys origin was just taken lightly. I dont care if she’s meant to be in that huge Spider-verse cross over event, don't crap over Spidey.  That’s just not cool and proves that Marvel needs to start embracing some indie titles before they ruin everyone else's origin.


Sure it's a neat take but this could have been done in so many different ways, Miles Morale's existance didn't become a bane for Spidey fans because his existence did NOT have to change something that was set in stone. I think Marvel could have done better. 

I’m sure that spider will bite a third victim in about 50 years…..



I really think same that may be silk has been introduced essaytogo essay writing service in the series as asspull. Because the way she is behaving and they present her in the series it seems that she will do any big thing, in the end, some way. In the beginning, she is doing nothing but I am confirmed that she will do something exciting.