Key Issues: Peggy Carter

by SeanerSurfer on January 06, 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter premiered tonight and it was superb. It filled Twitter to the brim, celebrities from all walks of life tuned in, and it showcased Marvel's dedication to gender equality. Peggy Carter has been in 98 issues in nearly 50 years but there are some that are going to be more valuable than others, way more valuable. Here are my candidates for her key issues:

Tales of Suspense #75 & 77: 
These are the first appearances of Peggy Carter though they come in flashbacks and she is unnamed. You're probably wondering what good that does a burgeoning collector, and you have grounds to do so but these are the types of issues that can be bought early on for cheap and cashed out later. Look at past examples like Fantastic Four #66, the first appearance of Adam Warlock. He was named "Him," and seemed to be pretty worthless, but was later named in Thor #167 and then revamped in the 70's. Tales of Suspense #75 and #77 will be no different.

Captain America #161:
The first mention of Peggy Carter, but she isn't shown. What the what? Okay, this is an example of an issue that will only moderately raise in value, so you have to buy at the right price. Fortunately, now you can find one at the right price but you have to move quickly.

Captain America #162
First full appearance of Peggy Carter, name, face and origin, oh my! In this issue it is shown that Peggy is the sister of Sharon Carter - it is later retconned so that Peggy is Sharon's Aunt, but that doesn't change the value. Many characters have seen revamps throughout the annals of comic history, and Peggy will likely get another new origin. Thing is, this issue is going to be worth a mint in the right condition. Be careful about buying CGC books though - I'll post more about that another time.

Captain America #175:
Second full appearance of Peggy Carter. Who cares, right? A great deal of people. First appearances are very, very pricey and collectors like to have key issues but cannot always afford to have the creme de la creme. Second appearances work well for collectors because they are usually cheaper and less advertised. You can get a great key issue, at a great price, which will compliment you collection or your wallet in years to come.  Even with the premiere of Agent Carter tonight, there are a great deal of issues on the internet you can pick up at a low price. In about a month's time, you'll see a large increase of slabbed, CGC graded issues using Peggy as their claim to fame. 

Captain America, Peggy Carter, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1: 
Long title, new book. Peggy's first solo bout. You can probably find one at your local shop too! You have to trust this will be a key issue.

The most important thing about key issues are they are a gamble. Marvel had no idea Ms. Carter was going to be an interesting character because nothing is certain. Now, they are sure their patience has paid off. Watch Agent Carter, read ComicsTheGathering. Talk to me about key issues and Margaret in the comments section, or send me a tweet.




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