“My own fantasy comics”

by lucstclair on March 04, 2012

You’ve heard of fantasy football? Well this is fantasy comics. I’ve often wondered if I was the big cheese at Marvel, DC or any other comic book company, that I’d imagine I’d have some sort of pull to get the projects I want to see put together. Insane crossovers, some of my favourite writers & artist teaming up and maybe some new super hero titles I’ve only dreamed of. So without further ado, I present to you, in no particular order… “My own fantasy comics”


  • Jim Starlin writes & draws Green Lantern

Jim Starlin is a Marvel Comics icon, the work he did for such titles as The Silver Surfer, (Adam) Warlock & The Infinity Gauntlet is unprecedented. He’s got a knack for writing outer space stories with cosmic beings & intergalactic villains bent on universal Armageddon. The Green Lantern universe is a perfect setting for his influence and DC would benefit greatly from his talent & creativity. He’s also a good illustrator, but then again by concentrating solely on the story he could let someone else cover the illustrations. Maybe his old Silver Surfer/Infinity Gauntlet partner Ron Lim. Lim’s a terrific illustrator and his rendition of Green Lantern, Sinestro & The Guardians would be awesome.


  • The Marvel Universe VS The Ultimate Universe

Worlds collide as The Marvel U. crosses over with The Ultimate U. A rift torn in the very fabric of reality caused by the mad Titan Thanos (from the M.U.) with the help of Galactus (from the U.U.), his new dimensional partner in crime, threatens to annihilate both worlds. At first, the heroes & villains from both realities get into the biggest royal rumble you’ve ever seen printed in a comic book. Then they must band together to fight a common threat or else everything is doomed! Written by none other then Mark Millar (The Ultimates) & illustrated by Brian Hitch (The Ultimates) in a 6 issue series with the possibility of sequels.


  • Peter David & Dale Keown return to The Incredible Hulk

Back in the day, David & Keown created one of the best Hulk storylines ever. In this story, the Hulk fights the Red Hulk when disaster strikes. The Leader detonates a gamma bomb, wiping out everything in a 5-mile radius, except for the Hulk & The Red Hulk. Instead of killing them, the gamma radiation has somehow fused both monsters into a mindless abomination (no pun intended) bent on obliterating everything in it’s path. It will take the combined forces of all super heroes & villains to attempt to stop this Hulk-Thing from consuming the planet. Featuring The Avengers, The Sinister Six, Hydra, Spider-Man, The X-Men, X-Factor, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Silver Surfer, The Asgardians, The Fantastic Four, Nova, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Adam Warlock, Thanos, The Inhumans, The Sentry, Galactus & The Celestials. Did I forget anyone?




  • Eclipso reigns supreme

Eclipso nearly has control of all super heroes and human beings on earth with his power of hatred. But this interferes with Despero’s plans to conquer earth, especially The Justice League and he will not stand for it. Is humanity’s last hope in the hands of the evil Despero? I figure Geoff Johns (Green Lantern) as writer & Olivier Coipel (Thor) as illustrator. A 4 or 6 issue series with crossovers in other main titles.


  • Annihilation : Aliens

Marvel Comics & Dark Horse Comics clash as the Aliens have evolved & launch their “egg sacs” all over the galaxy. Bred to survive the pressures of space travel, they land on numerous habitable planets by the thousands spreading and killing like a cancer. Soon enough, the heroes & villains from the pages of the Annihilation series launch a counter strike against the hordes of Aliens to exterminate them like the pests that they are, before it’s too late. Written by Mark Verheiden & illustrated by Arthur Adams. It’s back to his roots for Verheiden who wrote the the first Aliens series and Art Adams' fantastic art is perfect for drawing monsters.


Well there you have it, this is just the first of many “My own fantasy comics” blog. If you have your own list, I encourage you to do so. Till next time!



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