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CTG at Ottawa Comiccon 2013 Part 1 : blog & pics

by lucstclair on May 12, 2013

Well it was that time again, comics, cosplay & geek paraphernalia, yes it was Comiccon, nerdgasms & good times were had by all. This was Ottawa’s second show, which I won’t know the full attendance numbers, but it will be greater than last year because they added the Friday to the weekend. With my friend Brian, we waited in line for about an hour & 40 minutes to get in and kudos to the organizers who had the decency to set these giant tents to shelter the people from the rain. Although Stephen and I only went on Saturday, we were there representing CTG by taking pics, chatting with people & meeting comic book creators like Steve Niles, Chris Claremont & Ben Templesmith just to name a few. Unfortunately, this year our media passes were denied, so we turned those sour grapes into golden apples and went anyway because missing an event like Comiccon didn’t felt right. 
Stephen was helping out a friend at his comics table, but got away a couple of times to roam the aisles. I got interviews and autographed comics from Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, Nick Bradshaw & the delightful Pia Guerra from Y: The Last Man. They were some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, very eager to talk about themselves and just bullshit about comics in general. Nick Bradshaw seemed like a very laid back dude who just lives & breathes illustrations, the man is a drawing machine. He made an awesome Thanos sketch that I will always treasure and right on the very first page of my sketchbook. What a way to start.
The ever so friendly Georges Perez was also there, but his line up was the longest and I already met him from last year’s Montreal Comiccon. I got my copy of the Wolverine TPB signed by Chris Claremont. Chris is a legend in the comic book industry, no doubt about it, but he seemed a little jaded about everything. One too many Comiccons I think and it didn’t help matters much that the guy in front of me presenting him with comics to autograph that Chris didn’t write, Ouch! My only regret was I didn’t get a drawing from the very talented Dale Keown.
When I wasn’t meeting writers and pencillers, I occasionally stopped at the Multizone booth to chat with my buddies Pierre and Manu. They were selling tons of RPGs and board games. I bumped into a few friends of mine like Kim, Candace, Fil & Terr  and I walked around all day being in complete awe of some the exhibitors displaying their products. The Tower of T-Shirts was more of a castle of t-shirts than a tower with displays as high as 12 feet going all around and even had a fort like entrance for even more t-shirts, hats & hoodies inside. I recognised staff members from the Silver Snail comic shop and a few guys from the Comic Book Shoppe. There were a couple of Steam Punk tables and although I’m not really into that, I’m always impressed by the imagination and creativity that goes into the costumes and paraphernalia.
One table which I thought was particularly interesting was the Blockheadz, little squared card board figurines with painstaking details encased in see through plastic cases, numbered and signed by the creator. Characters like Hellboy, Superman, Spider-Man & Batman were displayed with colourful features, shaped into squares for the look of 3D that really sticks out. For more info check out their website at
The force was strong this year, as the Capital City Garrison, 501st Rebel Legions displayed Star Wars costumes with accurate details and props for everyone to enjoy. There were plenty of celebrities to meet and for photo ops, stars like Nathan Fillion, Gillian Anderson, Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton were just some of the many famous faces at the show. Holy mackerel Batman! One half of the dynamic duo was present, as Adam West had to cancel due to an injury, but Bert Ward was there. Summer Glau had to cancel because she lost her passport at the last minute, however that wouldn’t stop River from Firefly as she would’ve kicked ass at customs and hijacked a plane to get there.
There was this terribly annoying dude who kept chanting “Go Sens Go!” over & over again, it seems that not even at Comiccon could I escape the insanity that is the hockey playoffs. Oh hell, Go Sens go I guess. There was no lack of cosplay this year, as I took an abundance of pics (see below) from tons of fans wearing colourful and original costumes. Lots of Harley Quinns, Wolverines, Spider-Mans and some manga characters I’ve never heard of. There were a few clever Minecraft costumes, a stunning pair of weeping angels, an awesome Beeker from the Muppets and my personal favourite, Thanos which is the first time I’ve ever seen one.
Now no Comiccon is complete without coming across some affordable deals. I got a copy of the newly hardcover Marshall Law : The Deluxe Edition for 30% off, a copy of Light Brigade TPB for 5$ and a copy of the Rebel Blood TPB personally signed on the spot by the enthusiastic Kelly Tindall.
Judging by the enormous response, my gut tells me it’ll beat last year’s attendance by a land slide, even if it a third day wasn’t added. As always, I had a blast and look forward to next year, but I won’t have to wait that long because we’ll be attending the 2013 Montreal Commiccon this September. See you at Palais Des Congres!
P.S. My interviews will be posted later this week.




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