Can I have my Fantastic Four back now?

by Jason Laframboise on December 14, 2017

Today it was announced that Disney has bought 21st Century Fox. This is huge news. I am going to focus on the comic book side of this news, but there is a lot to unpack with the whole story. Going off the report in Variety, Fox will keep it's TV stations, the news station and sports stations. The big news for us comic book nerds is that Disney gains the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four.

While Fox has held the rights to these characters the X-Men have continued to be a huge cash cow for the House of Ideas and thus have been kept in the lime light, with the characters appearing across multiple titles and various teams of mutants. The main change for Marvel is instead of focusing on the mutants, the Kirby-Lee creation of the Inhumans have been more prominent, though they have seemingly fizzled on TV. We have multiple X-Men movies and spin-off movies coming up, with the biggest being Deadpool. Deadpool has exploded in popularity in recent years and has become one of Marvel's most recognizable characters and who knows maybe we will see Ryan Reynolds in Infinity War 2 or whatever it's going to be called.

This brings me to the last important piece of this deal. The Fantastic Four. Jack Kirby is my hero. Since I was a little boy I have wanted to be a creator thanks to Jack's influence on me. If we discount the Fourth World then the Fantastic Four was  Kirby's Opus. Silver Surfer, Galatus, the Skrulls, the Kree and the Black Panther just to name a few, all debuted in the series. Marvel's return to the world of super hero comics started with Fantastic Four#1, so that this series hasn't been seen in awhile now is a shame. This book was once Marvel's flagship book.
The last Fantastic Four movie didn't do well. I still haven't watched it, I refuse. It has nothing to do with the Human Torch. The preview and the information I read ahead of time didn't make me want to see the film. The changes Doctor Doom alone make the film not my cup of tea. The other main problem I have with the film is that it lead to Marvel pulling the plug on my hero's greatest creation. With the film tanking, we lost the World's Greatest Comic Magazine.
Hopefully with this news we will finally get the band back together. With the film rights coming back home to Marvel Studios maybe we will get an awesome Fantastic Four movie, and more importantly we can have our comic book back.
This has been my take on the news of today. All are just my own opinions, except that Jack Kirby is the greatest comic book creator of all time. That is just fact. Take that Alan Moore!
Jason Laframboise



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