Toronto Comic Con 2018 - Day One

by Hussein Wasiti on March 17, 2018

Welcome to CTG's coverage of Toronto Comic Con 2018! As usual, the event is held in the Metro Centre, which is where the doubly famous Fan Expo is also held. This is my first time at Comic Con since I've just attended the Fan Expo. This was a great first day. I only planned to attend one panel, featuring Ty Templeton, but he cancelled last minute due to a deadline he had to get done. Shame I wasted nearly an hour waiting for the panel to start. Here's how my day went.

I was lucky enough to be let in early and there was certainly a great amount of excitement in the air. Semi-regular announcements by the convention reminding exhibitors of arriving fans got me pretty excited to see people's reactions to the show.


There are a whole lot of different stalls featuring a really diverse amount of goodies that attendees definitely enjoyed seeing. Funko Pops were the star of the show as expected.

Now onto the star of the show, at least the star to us at CTG. I had the chance to talk to a whole bunch of vendors and gauged what their priciest books were. Some of them are listed above.



I took the plunge and picked up a few books! The most important of which was MISTER MIRACLE #1, which I picked up mostly because I knew the value might be going up with that NEW GODS movie coming out in a few years. Better now than never! SUPERMAN REBIRTH #1 is a personal get for me as well since it's the beginning of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's awesome run on the character which is unfortunately ending soon. FANTASTIC FOUR #75 is pretty beat-up but nothing beats some Kirby goodness! And of course BATMAN #404, the beginning of Frank Miller's seminal YEAR ONE story with David Mazzucchelli. The rest of the slabbed books were books I found interesting enough to document.

Another huge aspect of the con experience is the cosplay. It's a blast to just walk around and take in the different characters people are dressed up as. Two of my favourites were the ones pictured above, Dredd and World War II Captain America. The Cap in particular struck me since his MCU films are my favourite. The Doctor Fate costume felt like retro goodness. Resident CTG member Kalem Lalonde would sure like the Matt Murdock get-up, which is mostly why I stopped the guy for the picture.

I also had the chance to interview industry legends Howard Mackie and Howard Chaykin! Look for those interviews in the coming days.

And that's it for my first day at Toronto Comic Con! Kind of eventful, very tiring, but incredibly exciting and fun! I'll be posting another recap of my day which will include some more creator interactions!