I’ve written and written about how much I love Image Comics. I religiously pick-up every #1 issue they put out, because nine times out of ten, it’s something that I very much enjoy, and occasionally fall entirely in love with. But I hadn’t read Saga. I hadn’t read Saga, yet. Now I have. It’s everything I love about Image rolled up into a beautiful, comfy ball that’s also kind of disgusting, but still in a cute way. In a nutshell, Saga is about two parents of different of different races who fell in love in the middle of a galactic war

I had an English teacher this year that was something of a scholar when it came to Vampires. That sounds ridiculous (and it is ridiculous, but in a nice sort of way), but it’s true. And, because it was an English class, there were thorough amounts of dicking around and generally not getting any work done. One of those instances lead to a surprisingly compelling tracing of the sexiness of Vampires. How exactly, did our culture take us from Dracula (the book) to True Blood and The Vampire Diaries? The obvious (and wrong) answer is Twilight, and while those movies were aberrations all

            I’ve decided, because I’m an adult and occasionally have the weight and power to decide things, that I’m going to start writing blogs about each of the Trades that I read. Though there are some weeks where I get my fill of writing from reviewing alone (and unfortunately, those weeks have not been common recently), I find myself to be relatively insatiable in that regard, and so I’ve created a new outlet for myself out of thin air. But Brad, you say, how will you talk about these Trades? Aren’t they (quite literally) old

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